Able Lives - Episode 5

Episode five of Able Lives, the television series about Connecticut people living with disabilities, covers the topic of culture--from the arts to sports to fashion.
This episode features a story about Blessing Offor, a 17-year-old New Haven, Conn., resident who is a gifted songwriter. Offor is a student at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven. Learn about his plans to attend Berkleesinger and College of Music in Boston, and his eagerness to succeed in the music industry.
Able Lives then pays a visit to a group of women in Hartford, who are as diverse as the fabric in their quilts and other creations. They gather to sew, to weave, to "dish" and to share each other's company; ultimately, these are the threads that tie them together.
Manchester, Conn. Resident always wanted to follow in the steps of his grandfather and play baseball, the all-American pastime. In doing so, he has learned to become part of a team, to endure when things get tough, and to take his lumps and scratches. Whether winning or losing, Selevka has developed skills that are both physical and emotional.
Shakespeare tells us that, "all the world's a stage." Artreach, Inc. and The Second Step Players take this philosophy to heart. Their members write and perform original comedy, drama and music about the experience of having been labeled with a psychiatric illness. For 20 years Norwich-based Artreach has shown people how to create light when find their minds in a darkened stage.
From the world of fashion, Able Lives shares the story of Braille Tees, the brainchild of Kara Euvino, a Watertown resident who is inspired to bring the world closer together, "one chest at a time." Able Lives also shows how some retailers are becoming more inclusive; for instance, the Kohl's store in Rocky Hill, Conn., has a fashionable mannequin seated in a wheelchair.
Episode five also has a segment featuring Jaime Lazeroff of Hartford, who shares his opinion in a witty Andy Rooney-style piece.

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