Able Lives - Episode 3

In episode three we meet families and individuals who are living with disabilities.

Laurajean and Robert Vaughn weren't planning to have three boys who were autistic, but that's how it worked out. They love their kids, who are average teenagers in many ways, but who are very different in many ways.
Donald and Lisa both use wheelchairs, but that doesn't take away their ability or right to be great parents.
Armand and Debbie Legault are older newlyweds, struggling to learn how to live together like all couples. In their case, they struggle for privacy, since Armand needs live-in assistance. Dancing is an activity they both enjoy, and it helps them groove together in their lives.
Richard was institutionalized for most of his adult life, until a group of people called his "circle of support" helped him to live a more independent life. Richard has a job, a home and a staff that cares about him.